About Adlawon Vacation Farm

Adlawon Nature Farm is a refreshing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. A sanctuary for friends and family, it’s a place to celebrate life and revel in the bounty of nature. From the breathtaking scenery to the farm-to-table experience, it soothes mind, body, and spirit, as it fosters meaningful connections with each one. It’s an idyllic escape to relax, take a break, and enjoy all that the farm has to offer.

Located in the highlands of Cebu, Adlawon Nature Farm is a mountain haven for earth’s abundance, offering a plethora of the freshest fruits and vegetables. A vibrant farming community thrives on the 5-hectare expanse of serene environment. With lines of towering mango trees and vegetable gardens, the farm is home for those seeking refuge; a place where people come together. Adlawon Nature Farm redefines growth with environmental awareness and socially responsible practices, as it supports the communities around it with positive society-wide impact.


As the first glimmer of sunrise peeks through the hills, it hits the canopy of mango trees and uncovers the thick morning mist surrounding the five-hectare Adlawon Nature Farm. Sown by the humble farming communities around it, the vast expanse of green has been home to organically-grown fruits and vegetables since 2007. From rabbit gardens to tree tunnels, the farm is peppered with special nooks all around.

Decades ago, the farm was a magical playground where familiar memories were made. Summers were spent flying kites and crossing river banks. Farm animals like chickens and even rabbits were some of the dear playmates and friends. And the woods bore witness to a child’s fearless adventures. It was a personal patch of green; a treasured place that no one will ever know.

Years have passed, and today, the farm beckons to be shared with people. Adlawon Nature Farm opens its doors and shares its same magic to people who yearn for a place of solitude or a serene environment to commune with nature. It continues to grow and give with the people who thrive in it.

Adlawon Vacation Farm supports its farm wives. We have introduced and fully subsidized quilting as our livelihood project.

It nurtures relationships as it celebrates the good life with good food and good company. There’s a little bit for everyone – experience all that the farm has to offer, experience boundless discovery!

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